Reliable Level, Flow, and Volume Measurement in Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

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Electromagnetic Flow Meters 
Guided Wave Radar Transmitters 
Magnetic Level Indicators 
Mechanical Buoyancy Switches 
Mechanical Flow Switches 
Pulse Burst Radar Transmitters 
Thermal Dispersion Flow Meters 
Thermal Dispersion Flow Switches 
Ultrasonic Level Switches

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Using Thermal Dispersion Air Flowmeters in Wastewater
Treatment Plants

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Pulse Burst Radar

  • Effective measurement, even when the atmostpheres above liquid level are saturated with vapor

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

  • Ideal for water and sludge flow measurement

Thermal Dispersion Flow Meters

  • Strong, reliable signal at low flow rates and low pressures, with a wide operating flow range

Thermal Dispersion Flow Switches

  • Heat transfer technology for reliable switch activation for increasing/decreasing flow or flow/no flow

Guided Wave Radar

  • The industry standard for precise, reliable level and interface control

Pulse Burst Radar

  • Advanced signal processing manages disturbances such as false echoes and turbulence

Magnetic Level Indicators (MLI)

  • A technologically advanced alternative to sight and gauge glass indicators

Mechanical Buoyancy Switches

  • A proven solution for a variety of challenging applications

Mechanical Flow Switches

  • Depended upon for their reliability, repeatability and simplicity of function

Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

  • Accurate measurement independent of specific gravity, dielectric constant or viscosity, across a wide range of applications