Protect your plant with Echotel® Ultrasonic Level Switches

ECHOTEL liquid level control technology measures up to the most rigorous safety standards, with intelligent design that ensures outstanding quality, reliability and overfill protection.

The more you rely on ECHOTEL Ultrasonic Level Switches, the less you'll worry if your current tuning fork is calibrated to the right density- or can even measure your low-density liquids at all. With the capability to read any liquid density, even below 0.6 SG, and no DIP switch to configure, ECHOTEL ensures outstanding liquid control performance and tank overfill prevention.

Video and Downloads

ECHOTEL ultrasonic switches provide continuously accurate and reliable level control that outperforms tuning fork technology. While tuning forks have been widely adapted by the industry, the fact is ECHOTEL ultrasonic switches offer more benefits.


Case Studies

In the chemical industry, level instrumentation is required to measure continuous liquid level in flammable tanks and to prevent potential overfill. Find out our solution:

Learn how the Magnetrol® used ultrasonic technology to replace tuning Forks at an international Oil & Gas company

More case studies will follow soon

Less is More

With ECHOTEL ultrasonic level control, you’ll be assured of superior overfill prevention across your tank inventory. It’s a simple equation of more performance and less worry that you can count on from Magnetrol® – the level control experts.

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