Looking for ways to minimize your Heat Rate & Fuel Costs?

With fuel accounting for as much as 80% of production costs, power companies are on the hot seat to identify energy efficiency solutions.

The level control experts at Magnetrol® can help you manage controllable losses through effective, accurate feedwater heater level control that may save you significant fuel expenditures.

Our Heat Rate Reduction Tool Kit will show you how we can help reduce your heat rate. 


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Heat Rate Awareness

Are subtle inefficiencies condensing your bottom line? Optimizing the industrial steam generation cycle and condensate recovery process can reduce spending and increase energy efficiency in your industry plant.

To learn more about instrumentation for all aspects of the steam generation cycle, watch our video.

"A 1% improvement in heat rate can save up to $500,000 in fuel costs!"

Donald Hite


Is Your Feedwater Heater Costing You Money?

This section contains many informative resources. There are white papers and brochures that provide valuable insights regarding Heat Rate solutions and their use in process industries. There is also a video to help you understand the how to minimize your controllable losses.

Heat Rate & Feedwater Heater

To minimize controllable losses tied to feedwater heater performance by gaining additional insight into the basic feedwater heater and ...


Special Applications Series
Heat Rate Awareness

In today’s challenging economic and regulatory environment, increasing the efficiency of your power plant is a mission-critical requirement.


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Donald Hite

Donald leverages 30-plus years of instrumentation experience to help customers realize the performance, efficiency and financial benefits of optimizing critical applications in the steam generation cycle using advanced radar level control technologies.

Efficiency matters.  Reliability matters.  Safety matters.  In your world, it all matters.

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