Our Advanced Radar Technology and How it Works for You

Across the globe, the Magnetrol® name is synonymous with advanced radar technology in many process control industries. Our innovative solutions have been meeting customer needs for decades. Here’s a closer look at how our radar technology works to provide you with the reliability and performance that are critical in process control industries.

Guided Wave Radar Technology

How It Works

MAGNETROL Eclipse® Guided Wave Radar transmitters generate pulses of electromagnetic energy that are transmitted down the probe, or waveguide. When the pulses reach a surface that has a higher dielectric than the air or vapor in which they travel, they are reflected back up the probe. The transit time to and from the surface is measured and converted to distance. It is then displayed on the LCD as a level reading. It is virtually unaffected by changing media conditions and can tolerate conditions of turbulence, vaporization, foaming or boiling and flashing, measuring reliably even in the most difficult process applications.

MAGNETROL Guided Wave Radar Products

Pulse Burst Radar Technology

How It Works

Unlike true pulse devices that transmit a single, sharp (fast rise-time) waveform of wide-band energy, MAGNETROL Pulsar transmitters emit short bursts of energy to measure the transit time of the signal reflected from the liquid surface. Equivalent time sampling, or ETS, measures the high speed, low power electromagnetic energy (EM). ETS is critical in the application of radar to vessel level measurement. It captures the EM signals in real time (nanoseconds) and reconstructs them in equivalent time (milliseconds).

Pulse Burst Radar operates in the time domain and does not require complex and expensive processing. Because echoes are discrete and separated in time, Pulse Burst Radar is better able to sort through extraneous echoes and select the one generated by true level. Pulse Burst Radar also has excellent averaging characteristics, which is extremely important in applications where the return signal can be attenuated.

MAGNETROL Pulse Burst Radar Products

White paper

The elusive search for Non-Contact Radar Nirvana

Nirvana for every instrument person is to find a trouble-free, loop powered level transmitter that can be mounted, wired and forgotten. As instrument shops’ staffing has been whittled back to a minimum, it has become the goal of many manufacturers to meet that challenging need for “plug and play” devices. So, how close have we gotten to applying two wires and walking away?

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