The Magnetrol® Family of Radar Level Transmitters

MAGNETROL has been an innovative leader in the field of radar for decades. Our full line of radar level transmitters can provide the efficient and reliable measurement solutions you need for your applications. Here are the radar devices we manufacture.

Guided Wave Radar Technology

Eclipse® Model 706

 The ECLIPSE Model 706 is a loop-powered, 24 VDC high performance level transmitter. Utilizing “diode switching” technology, along with the most comprehensive probe offering on the market, this single transmitter can be used in a wide variety of applications ranging from very light hydrocarbons to water-based media. It can operate in foams and vapors without its measurement output being affected, and it ignores coating buildup. SIL 3  Certified. Learn more.

ECLIPSE Model 705 Hygienic

The Enhanced ECLIPSE Model 705 guided wave radar transmitter is available with a 304 stainless steel housing designed specifically for use in hygienic applications. This instrument meets the needs and requirements for the wetted and non-wetted materials, process connections and surface finishes of hygienic industries. Utilizing the same high-performance technology as the Model 706, it protects even the toughest hygienic applications. Learn more.

White paper

Guided Wave Radar: Today’s Vanguard in Level Measurement

More than ever, today's process industries require safe, efficient and cost-effective control of applications having extreme temperature and pressure conditions. Guided wave radar has become the premier technology for those challenging applications - with the ECLIPSE Model 706 leading in GWR transmitter performance.

Pulse Burst Radar Technology

Pulsar® Model R86

 The PULSAR Model R86 is MAGNETROL’s first industrial, 26 GHz pulse burst non-contact radar transmitter, and the newest addition to our family of radar level transmitters. It offers circular polarization, nozzle extensions to 72” (1.8 meters) and SIL 2 capability. Its antenna range of 750 °F (400 °C) / 2320psi (160 bar) allows installation in a wide range of applications. Learn more.

PULSAR Model R96

The PULSAR Model R96 is based on pulse-burst radar technology together with equivalent time sampling circuitry. Short bursts of 6 GHz microwave energy are emitted and subsequently reflected from the liquid level surface. It is not affected by changes in specific gravity or dielectric and is suitable for use in applications with turbulence, foam and heavy vapors. Learn more.

Model R82

The Model R82 is an economical, loop-powered radar transmitter bringing 26 GHz radar performance to applications typically fulfilled by ultrasonics, The R82 measures effectively even when atmospheres above the liquid are saturated with vapor. Pulse burst technology and advanced signal processing manage common disturbances such as false echoes caused by obstructions, multi-path reflections from tank sidewalls or turbulence caused by agitators, aggressive chemicals, or aerators.
Learn more.

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