Radar Solutions Downloads for Process Industries

This page contains many informative resources. There are white papers and case studies that provide valuable insights regarding radar solutions and their use in process industries. There are also videos and brochures to help you understand the multiple technology options MAGNETROL offers for process control applications.

Product Literature

Radar Solutions Brochure

A complete family of solutions. Serving  a world of different customers with a true family of radar transmitters for all different needs.


Radar Technology Brochure

The PULSAR R86 is Magnetrol’s first industrial, 26 GHz Pulse Burst Non-contact Radar transmitter.


Other product Literature


Steam Power Generation

Are subtle inefficiencies condensing your bottom line?
Optimizing the industrial steam generation cycle and condensate recovery process can reduce spending and increase energy efficiency in your industry plant.

To learn more about instrumentation for all aspects of the steam generation cycle, visit steamgen.magnetrol.com.

White papers

The elusive search
for Non-Contact Radar nirvana

As instrument shops’ staffing has been whittled back to a minimum, it has become the goal of many manufacturers to meet that challenging need for “plug and play” devices.


Impact of Signal-To-Noise Ratio on Guided Wave Radar

As more demanding applications require the use of GWR transmitters, it is important to recognize the factors that dictate successful performance.


Other White Papers


Standard in Level and Interface Control Performance

More than ever, today's process industries require safe, efficient and cost-effective control of applications having extreme temperature and pressure conditions. GWR has become the premier technology for those challenging applications – and the Magnetrol® ECLIPSE Model 706 is leading the way in GWR transmitter performance.

Case Studies

Learn more about our advanced radar technology and how it can work for you.

Efficiency matters.  Reliability matters.  Safety matters.  In your world, it all matters.

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