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Service & Training

At Magnetrol, we provide our customers with a global service offering that includes various field services, training, repair (RMA) and technical support.

Our products are known for quality and reliability, and we will ensure that they continue to meet those expectations over the life of the instruments.

Knowing the instrumentation is at peak performance assists in securing your data integrity and accuracy; helping to enhance your confidence as you optimize your processes. 

Our services are built around strengthening your business and are in-line with our mission to be your first call when performance matters. If you need assistance or have questions regarding our Service & Training offering, please contact us by using the link below.


Most frequent requested services by our customers.



During business hours:
Call 630-969-4000
request Tech Support or email fieldservice.magnetrol@ametek.com

After hours or weekends and holidays:
Call 630-723-6730

RMA, Repairs, Returns:
Contact Bob Reese

Europe + Africa:

During business hours:
Call +32 (0)52 45 11 11
request Tech Support
or email support.magnetrolbe@ametek.com

Middle East:

During business hours:
Call +971 4 8806345
request Tech Support


During business hours:
Call +65-6634-0581
request Tech Support


During business hours:
Call +86-21-6249-1350
request Tech Support



Global coverage and local presence

Our field service team exists out of qualified, experienced engineers and technical personnel. They are trained to provide you with world-wide field support that is global in scope yet local in its implementation.

An investment in the future of your business

Detailed, technical training, delivered to your team at your site, a location of your choice or at a Magnetrol facility.  Our industry experts will take the time to understand your specific needs around training, typically linking technology knowledge to your applications.

Specialists whenever and wherever needed

We are not just a supplier, we partner with our customers and use all our resources to provide solutions that meet your specific needs. Our technical experts will assist you with configuration, calibration and troubleshooting issues.

The MAGNETROL Repair service

To protect your equipment and systems against long downtime, our competent repair and service team is at your disposal. If you believe that one of your devices is not working optimally please do not hesitate to contact us.